Raw Milk: The Whole Truth


The Raw Milk Controversy: Fact & Fiction

How can a natural growing, bio-diverse green grass pasture that has been nourishing healthy cows their preferred nutrition, that in turn  produce nutrient-dense products (just as those that have been enjoyed historically for over thousands of years) suddenly (with the stroke of a pen) become a toxic threat to the civilized world?

Does government have the right to deny people full access to the foods of their choice?
See: http://curezone.com/blogs/f.asp?f=1452

Is pasteurized milk really safer and healthier than certified raw milk?

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Last but not least - See: "The Raw Milk Controversy: Fact & Fiction" Conversation between Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy and Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC on 98'  DVD.  Contact Chef Jem: chef@thesetruths.com
"Just got the video and already we've put it to work with our farm helpers. We had a new guy here last week and when he saw the raw milk on the table at lunch, he blanched and asked if we had any pasteurized store-bought milk. He even asked if raw milk was "bad for you."

So I handed him the 'Raw Milk Controversy: Fact and Fiction' DVD with a smile. I told him to take a break and watch this DVD and then tell me the answer to that question. He came back downstairs an hour later with a completely different attitude! Great work you've done on making this whole issue easier to understand. "

Jacqueline Freeman
Friendly Haven Rise Farm

Your Donations Needed to Support Legal Action

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund has agreed to research legal options to overturn AB 1735, a new California law that mandates standards so stringent that raw milk dairies would not be able to comply on a consistent basis. By eliminating the major producers of raw milk in California and sending a clear message to legislators in other states, this law will adversely affect the availability of raw milk throughout the country.

The law, signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger on October 8 and scheduled to take effect January 1, imposes a strict limit of 10 coliform bacteria per milliliter in tests taken at the point of sale. All other states with the coliform limit of ten for retail raw milk test at the bulk tank. Since coliform bacteria rapidly divide and multiply whenever milk is sent through pipes, the new law will mean an end to raw milk sales in California.

Neither Organic Pastures Dairy nor Claravale Dairy, the two licensed raw milk dairies in California, were notified of hearings on the bill. Spokesmen for both dairies have expressed opposition to the legislation, which they characterize as a "sneak attack" on raw milk.

Most coliform bacteria are not pathogens but essential probiotic good bacteria. Both dairies have a superlative safety record. Claravale has been supplying raw milk to the public without incident for over 80 years; over 1300 tests carried out at Organic Pastures since its founding in 1999 have failed to find a single human pathogen.


Spearheaded by Mark McAfee, president of Organic Pastures Dairy, consumers are engaged in opposition to the legislation on three fronts

1. Negotiations with the California Department of Farms and Agriculture and the governor to overturn the legislation

2. Lobbying and letter writing on the part of consumers

3. Research into legal avenues to stop AB1735 in the courts.


1. Send your donations to the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission statement and purpose is, in part, to help save the nation's family farms by protecting the constitutional right of farmers to provide their unprocessed and processed farm foods directly to consumers through any legal means. If everyone receiving this email would donate just $25 to the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, we'd have the funds needed to mount a powerful campaign. By donating to the Foundation, you will contribute to the AB1735 Revolt and ensure that your right to raw milk and raw milk products is protected. Go to


to make your tax-deductible donation. You may also send a check to

Farm-to-Consumer Foundation
AB1735 Legal Defense Campaign
8116 Arlington Blvd., Suite 263,
Falls Church, VA 22042

California stores that carry raw milk have said they will add to the kitty as well. The goal is to raise about $35,000 dollars in the next few weeks to fund very aggressive legal protection actions to stop AB 1735 via court proceedings and subsequent litigation. Your donations can also help expose the parties that performed this quiet and surgical sneak attack on your rights to eat the foods of your choosing.

2. Keep those letters coming to legislators and the governor of California. For contact information and sample letters, go to


Thank you for your help in keeping raw milk alive in California!

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